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San Francisco, CA

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Scott Page, Autodesk

A team of engineers and architects got together to perform a full energy audit on an existing building in San Francisco, 1204 Mason.

 I worked with Scott Page to shoot a full laserscan of the exterior and certain interior rooms and used it to build a Revit Model in 2 days. (Very late nights.)  Engineers from Glumac and Autodesk then worked to build out the full energy model. We presented the findings to the owner, Pacific Gas and Electric Company and Autodesk.

Project Team: Lauren Kuntz, PE; Aryn Bergman, PE; Adam Menter, Sarah Bonser, Scott Page, Andrea Martinez, PhD candidate; Sukreet Singh, MBS; Sean Hay Kim; Chien Si Harriman; Brian Skripac; Charles Morales; Mitch Dec; Bill DeWitt, CxA; Oliver Riley, PE



I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to use Scott Page's Faro laser scanner to get around 30 scans to construct an accurate point cloud of an existing building. 

And Scott Page was such a hero during this whole process- He invited me to a laser scanning summit with me and shared best practices while we scanned. 

Part of what makes this process so interesting is that yes, it's quick- but it just requires a bit of planning going in.  We mapped out our course and set to it - finished measuring the whole building within about 10 hours.  4 floors starting from practically 0 documents.  To have measurements that I'm 100% confident in is a pretty good trade off.  I was really happy with the workflow of this project.  We were incredibly efficient and ran into very few hiccups.

Stitching the scans together took very few additional post processing tricks- the targets very accurately snapped the scans into the correct locations.  




Our suggestions to the owner mostly revolved around finding more efficient ways to operate the machinery within the retail portion and improve the envelope of the building via insulation and double pane windows.  Our data was able to help the owner chose which course of action best fit their budget, priorities, and develop a schedule.