Conversational Intervention

Ann Arbor, MI :: Mixed Use
Livesey/Overly :: Semester Studio
Team: D.Livanec, L.Snyder 

I'd be lying if I said this wasn't my favorite project. I got a stellar team -- we used Revit and booked it. My role was rendering, modelling, and diagramming.

The project was a renovation of an existing tower which had a rather parasitic relationship with its neighborhood.  In an effort to improve this, we moved our design school into the upper stories of the tower. Collaborative floors became double height, additional structure was added and atriums punched through the facade to improve views.

d3 Housing competition

Frazier Park, CA:: Residential
Jeffrey Kipnis :: 5 Week Study 

"Make a green housing development of any scale and any location."

I made a prefab village which responds to microclimates in the high desert.

German Consulate

Cincinnati, OH :: Mixed Use
Doug Graf :: 3 Week Study 

Organization of plan was key with this project. Orchestrating different demographics though a variety of programmatic elements was the challenge presented in this studio.

The green roof mimics local Cincinnati geography, bowing to the Over the Rhine district and raising up toward Mt. Adams.

Hurry up and Wait

New York, NY:: Airport
Diles :: Semester Project 

Okay so this blob is an addition to the Saarinen terminal at JFK. The project was based primarily around form and creative ways to organize shapes together.  A-la Greg Lynn.

My initial reaction was to use the different spaces to separate fast and slow traffic.  The interstitial spaces line up for quick access to terminals.  The interiors of the shells allow for folks with layovers to relax. 

I'm gonna be honest, it's not my favorite project but I do feel that it broke through a few barriers of mine and shows potential.


Columbus, OH :: Installation
Snyder :: 3 Week Study 
Team:: N.Ahn, J.Barnes, J.Sizemore

This thing was a killer. Oh man.  This guy. 4,000 pieces of origami.  Suspended 30 feet in the air with fishing line and acrylic.

The prompt was to use sports to inspire an installation.  Running filled a unique niche where participants can function as an individual or float into a group.  Teams raise morale and are stronger, individuals are mobile and light weight.

Pieces were friction-fit together in order to form dodecahedrons, larger groups gained more stability.  The arrangement is reminiscent of a race, where teams are important in the beginning but dissipate closer to the finish line. 

Olympic Park

Rio de Janeiro, RJ :: City Plan
Manack :: Quarter Study

This one was also an adventure.  The idea was to focus views outward toward the water for residential units.

The primary access of this site is given to the pedestrian. As the site grades down to the water front, the buildings start to emerge into more organized street walls.



Branching Out

Kaskaskia, IL :: City Plan
Baumberger :: Quarter Study

There's this landlocked island in Illinois called Kaskaskia.  It's pretty much completely wiped every 50 years.  My reaction to this was to create a livable infrastructure which would support being flooded.

Forested areas support and elevate the structure of the spines.  The spines act as transit paths, each node then developing into a city.

Whole Foods

Columbus, OH:: Market
Lantz :: Quarter Project 

This is an old project.  I need to work out what I wanna say about it.