INSTRUCTOR : Jeffrey Kipnis

The D3 housing competition focused on finding sustainable solutions to housing at any scale.

My take on this was finding ways to accommodate pop-up communities following industries.  One of my biggest qualms about my childhood is not understanding just how odd it is to have a green lawn in the heart of the Mojave.  As it turns out, no my old subdivision was not LEED certified.

The huts would have different attributes based on the microclimates of the site.  Each would capitalize on a different sustainable attribute.

Unit types

Ridge- Wind harvesting and vertical walls and large panes to take advantage of unobstructed views.

Cliff- Conserve energy by maintaining temperature and fold out at clerestory height to allow natural light to penetrate deeper into the unit.

Valley - Solar harvesting and cross ventilated openings to force air through the unit to cool it down.  Also opens up with more panels to avoid losing pv surface area on enclosure panels which are primarily facing downward on the exterior surface.